Have your text translated so that it has the same effect on your readers as the original.

Unlike regular bilingual employees, the professionnal translator knows that a pingouin can fly*. Many bilingual people with elegant writing styles fancy themselves as de facto translators. In most cases, they can deliver well written texts with clear meaning. Unfortunately, they will too often fall into the trap of false cognates or commit one of the many other errors professional translators have been trained to avoid. The primary objective of a translation is to be invisible to the extent that the translated text reads like an original. You have a text translated so that it has the same effect on your readers as the original, not so that a poor translation modifies and distorts the meaning. It is important therefore to entrust your documents to true translation professionals such as the employees of Tessier Translations. They have learned to avoid the pitfalls that all too often undermine translations and weigh them down. Our translations adhere strictly to the meaning, spirit and objective of the original documents.


* The English word penguin is often erroneously translated as pingouin, but its equivalent in French is manchot. The word pingouin does exist in French but it refers to a bird that is able to fly.

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